Case Study-Developing LoRaWAN Smart Water Meter Solution

LoRaWAN Smart Water Meter Solution

Kinetik has built a custom LoRaWAN-based smart water meter solution that helps organizations to deploy smart water meters to save wastage on water consumption.

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About This LoRaWAN Based Water Meter Solution

Kinetik developed this LoRaWAN based solution for a USA-based startup so that they can deploy smart water meters on a mass scale in various regions of the world and in the process reduce water wastage. We also provided them with our project management and cloud management services.

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LoRaWAN is a low-powered radio frequency technology that is widely used for connecting IOT devices and is relatively new in the tech world. Our initial challenge was to figure out how to make the LoRaWAN-based gateways work with the smart water meters that our client wanted to deploy. Another challenge was to deploy the in-house LoRaWAN network server on which all the gateways would run.

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Kinetik finally developed the solution for the client where we built a system admin panel for them to manage the whole solution and a mobile app for the household water meter owners to enable them to track their water consumption in run-time.

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