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FineDepth, Who Won Bronze in OIC at SEDEX48. Case Study

FineDepth is a 3D Geo-modeling Software that can be used in the exploration and production sector of the petroleum industry more efficiently.

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About FineDepth

Petroleum industry heavily depends on seismic data to locate the possible reserve of carbon fuel. And it’s highly essential that geo-scientists need to analyze the seismic/ASCI data very efficiently. 

FineDepth is a 3D Geo-modeling Software which can efficiently analyze seismic data for the exploration and production sector of the petroleum industry more. FineDepth helps Geo-modelers to upload seismic data to this software and generate 3D layers of the underground structures.


Building a 3D Geo-Model software is as complex as it sounds. Our initial challenge was to understand the objective of this software as we were not familiar with the petroleum industry and how it worked. As we gradually understood the concept, soon we faced our next challenge which was building the initial Proof of Concept (POC) because it involved building very complex models and coming up with the right architecture. After much brainstorming, we opted in for using C++ as the primary programming language.

I have worked with Nahidul and his team on a number of projects. The most recent project was developing a complex geomodel software. Nahidul is highly skilled in managing technical teams and an expert in product development strategies. Highly recommended if you have a startup who wants to build digital products.
Dr. AKM Eahsanul Haque
Dr. AKM Haque
Asst. Professor, Petronas


Version 1.0 – Allow Geo-modelers create complex seismic models and analyze the date efficiently to explore carbon fuel underground.

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