Support & Management

Support & Management

The project may be completed, but the product is never finished. Support & Management will secure its continuous quality and incremental improvements.
To develop a successful project is to to meet the ever changing market needs. We are here to support your growth.

Project Management

We have a well-laid-out communication scheme and coherent processes. Our Project Manager keeps their finger on the pulse and makes sure the project is delivered on time and within budget.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance specialists are the quiet guardians of your project, making sure the product is released bug-free and that it provides users with a flawless experience.

Cloud Technology

We have rock-solid DevOps/SLA practices to help you leverage cloud technology speeding up development and increasing app security and scalability.

Product Management

Go beyond building things right and build the right things. Our Product Managers help validate product ideas with the market and boost chances of successful product launch.

Managing the delivery of a digital product requires efficient communication schemes and coherent processes. With the right tools and agile methodologies, you can ensure your project focuses on delivering value and on-time results within budget.

Risks under control

We identify and monitor risks to predict uncertainties and minimize their project impact

Clear expectations

We gather requirements and confirm priorities to deliver project goals

Agile framework

We test. We aim to deliver early. We adapt to the ever-changing environment

Smooth communication

We use the right tools to make sure everyone is on the same page

MVP Services, Case Studies, Acceson, saas development, support,

One-stop solution for equity management first to handle complex back-office tasks.

Acceson is a one shop stop solution to streamline back office tasks for private equity firms. The MVP narrows in on providing a modern platform that creates the best experience for users.

Rock-solid, secure, custom software development that auto-scales with your business

No matter what stage your product idea may be at, Kinetik is here to help you build better software. Software that fits your processes (like a glove). And scales with your business (not against it).
Worked more than 5years with them on different web development Projects & I must say, I always got 100% of what I wanted.
Kenelm Tonkin
Chairman, Tonkin Corporation
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Forward-thinking startups & enterprises trust Kinetik Dynamics to help them build & scale better products
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Why US?

kinetik work with the best and brightest in tech talent to ensure you get high-quality tech architecture. For each developer we onboard we go through at least 100 candidates. Once onboarded our employees stay long-term, meaning they have a deep knowledge of the company and the processes we use.

Kinetik have helped founders and business leaders build successful products across various industries. Here are some of our latest case studies.

Kinetik have an experienced team of highly trained product owners, project managers, designers and developers ready to answer all your questions about support & management – no accounts involved.

Having worked with numerous founders and business leaders from various industries, we have learned to adapt to new challenges quickly. Our experience in support & management and insights will help you build a scalable, high-quality product that effectively solves your users’ problems.

Kinetik have learned lean product development through building startups from the ground up with very few resources. When you build a product with us it will always be streamlined to the most important features for your user.

We had the pleasure of being a partner for companies from markets like Fintech, Health, Government, Security, Big Data & many more.
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