A Promise to Live Now

A Promise to Live Now

I’ve got a confession to make …


Like many of us, I’ve spent countless hours dwelling in the future, planning for what “will be.”

The more I’ve ventured into the world of startups, the more I’ve realized that this constant focus on the future can lead to a disconnection from the present.

You see it in my posts, always envisioning the grandeur of tomorrow’s triumphs.

But, have you noticed? I talk very little about what’s happening right now.

This future-focused mindset is like a one-way ticket to Tomorrowland.

And let me tell you, I’ve been stuck on that ride for way too long.

The days feel endless …
Like I’m in some kind of limbo, asking when this will all pass.
When’s the next flight out? When will I finally reach home?

It’s an illusion, isn’t it?
Living in the future that we can’t predict.
So why are we sacrificing the now for a future that’s never guaranteed?

Because, folks, the “present” is an extraordinary place to be.
Right now, we’re alive, healthy, and surrounded by love, even if it’s not always in our immediate proximity.

We’re all human, connected by our thoughts, joys, and pains.
What a remarkable life we lead!

I’ve come to realize that I’m one lucky founder. I’ve got happiness right here and now, and so do you.

I’ve got my dreams, and I’ve got an incredible team to chase them with.

What more could one possibly wish for as a founder?


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