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Unlock Operational Excellence with DevOps as a Service (DAAS)

Get ready to supercharge your operations. Kinetik introduces DevOps as a Service – your gateway to Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD), all at an unbeatable flat monthly rate. Transform the way you do business, starting at just $1250 per month

Managing your product deployment is hard

We make it easy



How DevOps as a Service (DAAS) Works


We begin by assessing your current operations and understanding your goals.


Customized Solution

Our experts design a tailored DevOps strategy that aligns with your unique needs.


We put the plan into action, integrating CI/CD into your workflow seamlessly.

Ongoing Support

Our team provides continuous support, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

Why Opt for DevOps as a Service?

Simplified Operations

Our DevOps experts streamline your processes, reducing complexity, and improving efficiency.

CI/CD Excellence

Embrace the power of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for rapid, reliable software delivery.

Transparent Pricing

Starting at just $1250 per month, our pricing is clear, affordable, and fits businesses of all sizes.

Faster development

Outsourcing DevOps tasks allows you to move faster and more efficiently to deliver results quicker.

Hundreds of customers can't be wrong.

Lisa Oda
Lisa OdaHead of Content, Upwork
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"Nahid and his team helped build our WordPress site under tight deadlines with many moving parts. He was extremely gracious and helpful throughout."
John Francis
John FrancisFounder, SixFold Digital
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“Nahid and the team's work goes much deeper than purely executional. They have an acute understanding of the 'why' behind what they are building. I highly recommend considering Nahid and the team at Kinetik Dynamics for any development projects.”
Kenelm Tonkin
Kenelm TonkinChairman, Tonkin Corporation
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"Worked more than 5years with them on different web development Projects & I must say, I always got 100% of what I wanted. Highly recommended."

what you get under this service

Key Components of DevOps Service

Consultation & Strategy

DevOps Roadmap Planning, Architecture Review, Technology Stack, Recommendations, Project Management Support

Continuous Integration & Deployment (CI/CD)

Pipeline Configuration, Automated Testing, Deployment Automation, Build Optimizationally build and package the code.

Automation & Scripting

Task Automation, Script Development, Automated Backups, Workflow Automation

Deployment Automation

Tools such as Ansible, Puppet, or Chef are used to automate the deployment of code changes to a production environment.

Monitoring and Logging

Monitoring and logging tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, or ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) are used to track the performance and health of the deployed code.

Artifact Management

Artifacts Management tools like Nexus, and Artifact are used to store and manage the build artifacts, test results, and other files generated by the CI/CD pipeline.

Infrastructure Management

Cloud Configuration & Setup, Container Orchestration, Virtual Machine Management, Network Optimization

Collaboration & Version Control

Git Repository Setup, Branch Strategy Planning, Collaborative Workflows, Code Review Processes

Simple Pricing

Choose a plan that’s right for you.

DevOps Standard

Ideal for startups


Money Back Guarantee

What to expect:

DevOps Pro

Tailored for small to mid-sized firms


Money Back Guarantee


What to expect:

DevOps Elite

For established startups and mid-sized businesses, with 24-hour urgent delivery


Money Back Guarantee


What to expect:

Start with the trial

We want to emphasize that our approach to development is not merely limited to completing a task. Our goal is to accompany you at every stage of the project and lead you to complete success.


Who is it for?

Solo Founders

Your budget is limited, but you need something that works.We provide high-quality software development using a fixed-price model


Your top priority is demonstrating extensive growth in a short period of time. We can be your internal development team and deliver you multiple projects In no time.


In case you have customers, but don’t have the right experts


Your Curiosity, Our Answers: FAQ

Our managed web design service is designed to make your online presence shine. We start with a consultation to understand your needs, then create a custom design tailored to your brand. Our developers bring this design to life, incorporating engaging visuals and user-friendly functionality. We also provide copywriting and basic SEO optimization. Plus, you get a free domain and hosting for the first year – all covered by a single flat fee, so you know what to expect.

Our managed product development service is like having your own dedicated development team. We begin by discussing your product concept and goals. You’ll work closely with a skilled team of developers who translate your vision into reality. We deliver prototypes and features in phases, actively seeking your feedback and iterating based on it. This process ensures your product aligns perfectly with your vision. And yes, all of this expertise and development is covered by a predictable monthly flat fee – no surprises.

Our service operates without any binding contracts, providing you with the freedom to pause or cancel your subscription at any time. We understand that larger or government-funded companies who use our ‘Accelerate’ subscription may require a contract, in which case we can discuss a suitable arrangement together.

The great news is that the cost of web hosting is included in our managed web design service for the first year. We provide a free domain and hosting as part of the package. After the initial year, we’ll work with you to find the best hosting solution that aligns with your needs.

Your satisfaction is our priority. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with our services, we’ll work closely with you to address your concerns and find a solution. our commitment is to ensure you’re refunded 100% if the outcome is not according to the scope of work agreed.
You do! Once the project is complete and the final payment is made, you’ll have full ownership of the website or product. We’re here to empower your business, and that includes handing over the reins to you.
Hiring a freelancer can be a viable option, but it comes with its challenges. With our managed services, you get a dedicated team with a range of skills and expertise. We offer consistent quality, project management, and reliable support. You won’t have to juggle multiple freelancers or worry about the availability of one person.
While hiring a full-time professional might work for some, it comes with its own set of considerations. With our managed services, you get access to a diverse team with specialized skills, without the commitment of a full-time salary. Plus, you benefit from our project management, collective expertise, and predictable monthly flat fees.
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