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How Idea <> Product Assessment Works?

Our "Idea to Product" Assessment session aims to help you get a clarity before you begin to develop your MVP

step 1

You book a call with us to discuss your ideas and what you’d like to accomplish. The session duration will be 60-min.

step 2

Our in-house experts review your initial ideas and We'll help you identify the perfect solutions that match your unique needs.

step 3

We present our findings to you on a live call so you can address any other questions or clarifications you may need.

step 1

If you'd like to act on the review, we can discuss several options to help make these opportunities a reality.

What's Included?

What's Included?

In-detail evaluation

We'll delve into your current tech setup, scrutinize your objectives, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Tailored Tech Strategy

Receive a custom tech strategy with detailed action steps to align with your business goals.

Comprehensive Roadmap

Our experts will outline a roadmap, making your tech enhancement journey transparent and actionable.

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Your Curiosity, Our Answers: FAQ

Absolutely! Our Product Tech Assessment is completely free. We’re committed to supporting non-tech founders and startups on their journey.
The assessment typically takes about 60-90 minutes. We want to ensure we thoroughly evaluate your tech needs and provide valuable insights.
Following the assessment, you’ll receive a comprehensive report with a tailored tech strategy, roadmap, and actionable insights. We’re also here to answer any questions and provide further support.
There are no obligations or commitments. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about your tech strategy. If you choose to work with us further, that’s entirely your decision.
Our experienced tech experts conduct the assessment. They bring their in-depth knowledge to evaluate your current tech setup and provide valuable recommendations.

Not to worry! Our assessment is designed for non-tech founders. We’ll explain everything in straightforward terms and help you understand your tech needs and opportunities.

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