The MVP Mindset: Nurturing Ideas into Reality

The MVP Mindset

The MVP Mindset: Nurturing Ideas into Reality

Building any idea into a product is extremely difficult …
Specially, if you are a non-tech founder without a tech co-founder.

In a universe of unlimited ideas, the path to a successful product might seem like navigating through the cosmos. 💫✨

Building an MVP could be your guiding star… But most of the time we take the MVP as a product;

It’s actually a mindset first …
product second.

It’s a mindset of making your complex dream to its simplest form.

You could spend years perfecting it in secret, only to unveil it to the world and realize it’s not what they needed.

Imagine the frustration and disappointment that comes after …

🌱 Here is a quick tip that always helped me and my clients:
If it takes more than 8 weeks to build your MVP, it’s not an MVP anymore …

Even before you understand, you will find yourself planning for a full product launch instead of an MVP.

And the outcome will be:
– More money spent
– More time wasted
– No visible data about your potential customers

Limit your temptation for a complete product launch.

Instead, do this:
– Build an imperfect MVP
– Launch
– Gather customer feedback on your idea
– Pivot, Polish and Launch again.

This a marathon, not a sprint.


Kinetik is now offering product subscription development services for non-tech founders.

And we priced it quite affordable for new founders,
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